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Jade Crystal Meaning, Properties And Manifesting With Jade

What Does Jade Look Like?

Jade is a beautiful green crystal. The green shade can range from bright lime green to grass green and deep forest green.

Everything You Need To Know: Jade Properties

Jade is a stone of serenity and opens up the heart. Jade is a protective stone and will turn negative energies into positive and uplifting energies. It's a great stone to cleanse your aura and also offers psychic protection as well as physical protection. Jade brings calm and quietness that will make you appreciate and enjoy your life more. When life gets busy, Jade can help bring you peace and harmony. Jade is also believed to increase your self-confidence and will help you to achieve your personal, professional and spiritual goals. The Jade gemstone brings luck, protection and good health. It is believed to attract good luck as well as friendship. Jade will be your lucky charm and will help you manifest abundance and good fortune. Jade brings creative and resourceful energy that will help you turn your dreams into reality. It's known as the "dream stone" for a reason!

How To Use Jade

Crystal grid: Bring success and luck to your business, career, love life, and more by creating a crystal grid with Jade. Other stones that will support your success and that you can put on your crystal grid include Aventurine, Carnelian, Tigers Eye and Citrine. Carry: As Jade is the "dream stone", it is a good one to pop in your pocket or bag as it will bring luck, abundance and protection all day long. Give it a try, and you'll soon see positive results. Discover more ways to use your crystals here.

Jade Facts

#1 There are two types of jade stones. These are Jadeite and Nephrite. #2 Jade was once believed to be the most precious stone in ancient China. #3 Many years ago, Jade was believed to be a protection against enemies. People wore Jade when travelling long distances as they thought it would protect them against any hazards during their journey.



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