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Carnelian Crystal Meaning, Properties And Manifesting With Carnelian

What Does Carnelian Look Like?

Carnelian is a translucent stone and an orange-coloured variety of Chalcedony. Colours vary from a pale pinky peach to a deep orange-brown. Carnelian is mostly known for its vibrant orange and orange-red colours.

Everything You Need To Know: Carnelian Properties

Carnelian is known as the artist stone and promotes creativity, confidence and passion. If you're lacking creativity or you need a confidence or esteem boost, the fiery energy from Carnelian is exactly what you need. Carnelian is a warm stone that promotes self-confidence in all areas of life, whether that be in your professional life or love life. Carnelian will enhance your passion and inner creativity. This stone will bring your spark back, so you will have the confidence and motivation you need to achieve all of your goals and dreams. It's the stone you need when you need a push in the right direction to make those dreams come true.

You may not believe it, but everyone is creative. Carnelian allows us to push our creative boundaries and helps us to unlock our true potential. Carnelian also brings lots of joy and adventure and allows us to create freely without over-analysing or thinking too much. Carnelian teaches you that you are worthy and that you deserve the world. It's an empowering stone that reminds us not to settle for anything less. Carnelian gives emotional warmth and calms anger and emotional negativity. Some of Carnelian's physical properties are believed to be boosting fertility, and helping with lower back problems, arthritis, and depression.

How To Use Carnelian

Place: Place a Carnelian gemstone in your workspace to bring creativity to your environment. Every time you look at it, see it as a reminder to connect to your inner creative soul. Connect to spirit guides: Carnelian crystals are attractive to many guardian angels. Carrying a Carnelian gemstone in your purse or pocket can inspire a stronger connection with one of them.

Carnelian Facts

#1 In Ancient Egypt, Carnelian was used as a burial amulet. It was thought to give the dead safe passage into the afterlife. #2 Carnelian is a birthstone of Virgo. #3 It was once believed that Carnelian could prevent the plague.



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