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Christmas Gift Guide For Crystal Lovers

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to shop for those last-minute gifts! If you are looking for gifts for your spiritual, crystal-loving friends and family members, our Christmas gift guide for crystal lovers is just what you need. Manifestation and Magic has a wide range of crystal Christmas gifts for everyone. Who doesn't want to open something magical on Christmas Day?

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Spiritual Gifts For Friends

Manifestation and Magic has the perfect gifts for your spiritual besties. Our friendship crystal kit and best friend crystal kit make lovely Christmas gifts. The friendship kits are great for showing your appreciation and gratitude for the friendship you share.

Our star sign crystal kits also make unique gifts for friends at Christmas. Is your friend an outgoing and vibrant Leo? Or a kind and caring Cancer? We have star sign crystal kits to suit every star sign.

Crystal Gifts For The Whole Family

Crystals make special gifts for crystal-loving family members. We have a kit for every family member and can also create special personalised crystal kits. Here are some of our top Christmas crystal gifts for each family member.

Crystal Gifts For Beginners

If you know someone who is interested in crystals but they're not sure where to start, our beginners crystal kit is the perfect option. Gifting someone their very first crystals is very special! This kit contains top crystals for beginners, including Rose Quartz, Carnelian, and Citrine. These crystals have a range of properties from love to good health, happiness, positivity, confidence, protection, and success.

Our ultimate beginner's crystal kit is slightly larger than our beginners crystal kit and has even more amazing crystals for beginners. Choose from 10 crystals, 20 crystals or 30 crystals. A beautiful crystal gift collection for your special friend, partner or family member.

Ultimate Manifestation Christmas Gifts

Do you know someone crazy about manifestation? We have the perfect manifestation crystal gifts! Our manifestation crystal kit is an amazing crystal kit containing crystals to help manifest love, money, happiness, good health, and success. It makes a wonderful gift for Christmas so that your loved one can manifest wonderful things in the new year. We have many more manifestation kits, including a manifesting love crystal kit and manifesting money crystal kit.

Spiritual Christmas Gifts Under £5

We have lots of lovely spiritual Christmas gifts for under £5 for those on a budget or looking for small stocking fillers. Sometimes the smallest gifts can be the most magical and special! Our individual gemstones start from just £2. Choose Rose Quartz for love, gratitude and healing, Carnelian for strength, courage and creativity, or Moonstone for new beginnings and positivity.

Our Stamford incense sticks also start from £2. Incense sticks are perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere and are also great for cleansing crystals. Pair incense sticks with a crystal of your choice for a special gift for only £4. Our most affordable crystal kit is our mini surprise crystal kit at £5. It's a great smaller set containing 6 surprise crystals.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some inspiration on what to buy for your crystal-loving friends, partners and family members this year!

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