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Hematite Crystal Meaning, Properties And Manifesting With Hematite

What Does Hematite Look Like?

Hematite is a metallic crystal. Its colours range from deep black to steel grey.

Everything You Need To Know: Hematite Properties

Hematite is a grounding stone and absorbs negative and toxic emotions. If your emotions are holding you back, Hematite will bring back positive feelings so you can meet your goals. Hematite is also a great crystal to clear feelings of stress, anxiety and worry. It balances and neutralises all 7 chakras. As well as promoting positive feelings, Hematite also has the ability to build our confidence and strength in times of uncertainty. Whatever problems you may be facing, Hematite can give us the strength we need when the world is so chaotic. Hematite is also believed to be excellent for healing the body. It is believed to cleanse and support circulation, and its warm energy gives us the energy boost we need to get through the day. When your mind is troubled, turn to Hematite to give you clarity and focus. Other properties of Hematite include willpower, reliability, optimism, trust, courage, protection, and stability.

How To Use Hematite

Meditation: Hematite is a powerful stone to meditate with. Set the mood for a peaceful meditation by lighting incense and removing all clutter from your space. When meditating, stare at the Hematite gemstone and notice the subtle but powerful vibrations it brings. Manifestation: Hematite is a great manifestation tool as it removes negative emotions and can help turn your dreams into a reality. Hold the stone in your hand and repeat your affirmations. Discover more ways to use your crystals here.

Hematite Facts

#1 Hematite derives from a Greek word which means blood. #2 Back in the day, Hematite was believed to have been formed on battlegrounds where soldiers were injured and lost lots of blood from battles. #3 Hematite is a very common mineral on Earth. It can also be found on Mars! The Hematite on Mars is what gives it that lovely deep red colour.



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