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New Moon in Leo Oracle Reading

The New Moon symbolises new beginnings and renewal and it is the perfect time to start over or make new changes in your life. If you have fallen into some bad habits or you're ready for a change, the New Moon opens up a shiny new clean slate for you. This is why the New Moon is the perfect time to manifest and set intentions!

Today, August 8th 2021, we're welcoming the New Moon in Leo. Leo is the zodiac that likes to get up there, go for every opportunity and take centre-stage. Leos are bold, fierce, confident and like to step out of their comfort zone. Throughout the Leo lunar cycle, you will be inspired by this energy.

Now let's look at the oracle cards drawn for the New Moon in Leo...

oracle card reading new moon in leo

Joy and Contentment

The first card drawn from The Angel Guide Oracle is "Joy and Contentment". This card reminds us to be in the present and stop dwelling on the past - it's time to move forward! Enjoy every moment and know that you are being guided on the right path. It's time to be bold, take new opportunities and do what truly makes you happy.

Take a piece of sunshine for your soul! Citrine brings happiness and abundance.


Next up, we have the "Surrender" card. During the Leo lunar cycle, it's time to be bold and let go of all the things that aren't serving you. Once you have released your concerns and any negativity, you can move forward and you will open yourself up to an abundance of positive experiences. Your transformation is just beginning.

Release negative thought patterns and feel harmony with Unakite.

Intuition and Downloads

Lastly, we have the card "Intuition and Downloads". If you have been hearing ringing in your ears, seeing lights flickering, white feathers or angel numbers all of the time, these are all signs that you're heading in the right direction. This is the reassurance you need to know that the universe has your back and you're on the right track. Keep setting intentions, keep manifesting and trust and know that amazing things are coming your way.

Manifest your dreams and desires with Pyrite.

Remember, it's time to be bold like a lion during this Leo lunar cycle! Let go of what is not serving you, have trust in yourself that you can do anything and everything and get manifesting!

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