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Pyrite Crystal Meaning, Properties And Manifesting With Pyrite

What Does Pyrite Look Like?

Pyrite is one of the most abundant forms of sulphide minerals. It has a metallic look with a slightly golden hue hence the nickname "fool's gold".

Everything You Need To Know: Pyrite Properties

If you want to manifest wealth into your life, then Pyrite is a stone you need in your crystal collection. Pyrite is the biggest symbol of good luck and wealth. Pyrite promotes abundance and prosperity and gives you the strength, confidence and determination you need to take on any challenge or goal. Pyrite is a protective stone and helps protect our environment from negative money. Bad vibes are left behind, allowing for positive vibes only. This stone will surround you with energy that will encourage money and abundance. Pyrite will raise your vibration for success and happiness. Pyrite also promotes intellect and enhances memory. This makes it the perfect stone to work with when you need to recall relevant information. Other healing properties include mental stability, psychic development and channelling abilities. Pyrite is also believed to nourish energies of the body and encourage positive emotional well-being.

How To Use Pyrite

Manifestation: Hold the Pyrite crystal in your hand, close your eyes and set your intention. For example, "I am successful and wealthy and deserve every opportunity that comes my way". Crystal grid: Make your manifestations of wealth and success stronger by completing a crystal grid. Other crystals that will work well for manifesting money include Aventurine, Tigers Eye and Citrine. Discover more ways to use your crystals here.

Pyrite Facts

#1 Pyrite got the nickname "fool's gold" as it has a resemblance to gold. #2 Although Pyrite is known as "fool's gold", some Pyrite does actually contain small amounts of true gold. #3 Pyrite occurs in a variety of shapes. Larger crystals can be perfectly formed as fascinating cubes and other interesting forms.



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