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Sunstone Crystal Meaning, Properties And Manifesting With Sunstone

What Does Sunstone Look Like?

Sunstone is a beautiful stone that looks like the sun. It has a marble orange colour with light peach and deep orange hues.

Everything You Need To Know: Sunstone Properties

Spiritually, Sunstone represents the ultimate energetic source of light, warmth, and life in our world. Sunstone brings joy and happiness. It allows the sun to shine in times of darkness and increases self-worth and self-empowerment. Some of the properties of Sunstone include happiness, joy, and love. When you feel this gemstone in your hand, you'll feel its radiance and positive energy. This stone also helps to regain personal power and strength and is believed to help end self-sabotage and replace it with self-love and self-worth. All of the delusions and self-doubts you may have can melt away with Sunstone allowing you to glow and shine. If you're working on your confidence and self-esteem, Sunstone is a great crystal to have in your collection and will help you enjoy your life more. Sunstone holds the positive energy that you need.

How To Use Sunstone

Manifestation: When you're manifesting happiness and joy into your life, hold sunstone in your hand and repeat the affirmation "I am filled with joy and happiness". Carry: Sunstone is a great stone to pop into your bag or to put in your pocket as you go about your day. Doing this means that you have the crystal to hand whenever you need it. If you find yourself feeling low or upset, hold your Sunstone crystal and feel your spirit uplifting. Home: Sunstone is also a nice stone to have around the home. It's good for strengthening your intentions and making your space feel positive, happy and hopeful. Discover more ways to use your crystals here.

Sunstone Facts

#1 It was once believed that Sunstone fell during solar eclipses. Indigenous people believed that part of the sun fell from heaven. #2 In Egyptian mythology, Sunstone is the representation of Ra, the sun God. #3 Sunstone is formed and crystalised in lava flows



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