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Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Cleansing crystals regularly is important to help remove any unwanted and negative energies that may be trapped inside. Keeping your crystals cleansed ensures that they continue to work at a high vibration. The higher the vibration, the better the crystals will work with you and hold your intentions.

There are so many different things that you can do to cleanse and charge your crystals. Here are some of the most popular ways. Remember that your intentions are the most important!

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One of the safest and easiest ways to cleanse your crystals is through visualisation. Take a few minutes to centre your energy. Once you have done this, hold the crystal in your hands. Close your eyes and visualise your hands filling with radiant white light.

Visualise the light glowing brighter and brighter and imagine all of the negative energies evaporating away leaving only positive and loving energy inside your crystal. Do this for around 1 minute or until you feel a shift in energy


If you have a lot of crystals to charge, sound can be a great way to charge them all at once. The vibrations from chanting, singing bowls, bells, or a tuning fork can purify your crystals.

It is believed that sound can raise the vibration of crystals and restore them back to their natural state. Charge your crystals with sound for around 5 - 10 minutes.


Cleansing with incense or sage is known as smudging. With this method, the smoke is used to get rid of any unwanted energy from your healing crystals.

Sage is believed to have many healing properties and can clear vibrations that are out of place and restore its natural energy. If you're smudging indoors be sure to open a window so negative energy can leave your home or if you prefer do it outside.

When you're ready to cleanse your crystals, ignite the tip of the sage/incense stick with a flame and blow the flame out. Take hold of your stone in your dominant hand and hold the sage in the other. Move the stone through the smoke. Allow the smoke to surround the stone for between 30 and 60 seconds.

Running Water

Many people use running water to cleanse their crystals as it's said to neutralise negative energies that may be stored inside. Completely submerge your stone in the water for around 1 minute and pat dry when complete.

Be careful which stones you use as some crystals don't like water and can even dissolve. As a general rule, crystals ending in "ite" are unsafe to come into contact with water such as Selenite, Pyrite, Fluorite, Lepidolite, and Malachite.


Salt has been used as a way to cleanse crystals for thousands of years. Seawater is a good option but you can use a homemade solution of salt mixed in a bowl of water. Submerge the crystal into the water and allow it to soak for up to 48 hours.

Rinse and dry when you're crystal is cleansed. This method can have an adverse effect on some crystals (particularly soft stones and crystals ending in "ite") so make sure to do your research.

Natural Light

Ritual cleansing is often performed at particular points in the lunar cycle, however, you can cleanse and recharge your crystals outside at any time. Put your crystal outside by dusk and bring it inside before midday the next day.

This will allow your crystal to soak up energy and light from the sun and the moon. Certain stones don't react well to natural light so it's not a good method for all crystals. Vibrant stones like Amethyst can damage and lose their colour when exposed to light for too long.

Other Crystals

Another great and easy way of cleansing crystals is by using other crystals. Clear Quartz is a particularly good crystal to use. Place your Clear Quartz on top of the crystal you would like to cleanse. The energy from the quartz will remove negative energies from the smaller stone within 24 hours.

Selenite is also a top crystal for charging other crystals. Selenite has a high vibration and can help get rid of unwanted energy from other gemstones. To charge your gemstones with Selenite, place them onto a Selenite charging plate and leave for around 24 hours.

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These are the most popular ways people choose to cleanse and recharge their crystals. If you use your crystals regularly, you should aim to cleanse them at least once a month. If one of your crystals starts to feel heavy then that's a sign it may need cleansing. You will know when your stones have been cleansed as they will feel so much lighter energetically and physically.

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