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Welcome to Manifestation and Magic. Your one-stop-shop for crystals, manifestation kits and magical goodies! 

We launched in 2020 and have quickly become a favourite place to shop for crystal sets in the UK. Our products have been featured in top spiritual magazines including Soul & Spirit as well as Spirit & Destiny.

confidence crystal grid with carnelian crystals and tigers eye crystals


Hi! I’m Lauren, the founder of Manifestation and Magic. Before I even knew what manifestation was, I was manifesting competition wins, meeting my dream partner at university, featuring in magazines, and having my own successful business. I have always had an interest in crystals and spirituality but it wasn’t until I was older that I discovered manifestation and the Law of Attraction.


If you asked me what my favourite crystal was, the answer would change on a daily basis! Some of my favourites are Pyrite for manifesting wealth (I’m like a magpie for anything sparkly!), Rose Quartz for self-love and Carnelian for confidence and creativity. Crystals bring me joy and I want to share that joy with you! 


Shop our healing crystals, crystal grids and gemstone jewellery and fill your life with positivity and sparkle. It’s time for you to start manifesting magic!

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