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Crystal Advent Calendars 2023

Our crystal advent calendars are back for another year! If you love crystals or know someone who does, what could be better than opening a crystal every day in December? Take a look below at the Manifestation and Magic crystal advent calendars we have in store for 2023!

Make Your Own Crystal Advent Calendar

Our make your own crystal advent calendar fillers are a top choice for those who prefer to fill their own advent calendar every year. The 12-day crystal advent calendar fillers option is great for those who want to add other elements, such as chocolate, to their advent calendars. There's no need to be an expert when creating your own crystal advent calendar - we do the hard work for you by putting each crystal in its own bag alongside its description.

12, 24 and 25-Day Crystal Advent Calendar

If you want the convenience of a ready-made crystal advent calendar, our gemstone advent calendar is the perfect option for you. Every crystal is a surprise and is individually wrapped and placed in colourful organza bags. Choose between 12, 24 and 25 days to open. The 25-day crystal advent calendar is a great option for those wanting to build their first crystal collection or expand their existing collection with new and unique crystals.

Crystal Advent Calendar For Children

Our crystal advent calendar fillers for children are new for Christmas 2023. Our children's crystal advent calendar has been specifically created with children in mind. It contains 12 of the best crystals suitable for children of all ages. Some of the crystals inside the crystal advent calendar for children include carnelian for confidence, pink howlite for patience and sodalite for learning.

Order Your Crystal Advent Calendar Early: Don't Miss Out!

If you would like a crystal advent calendar this year, be sure to order early to avoid disappointment. Get your orders in by 1st November 2023, as we will be closing the shop earlier than usual to start maternity leave.



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