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We are currently on maternity leave

We are currently on maternity leave until Summer 2024.

From January 2024, we will be dispatching orders once per month (the last Friday of the month).


If you have any questions, please contact us here!

Balance and heal your Chakras with our Chakra healing crystal set. 


Using crystals can be a great way of supporting your Chakra health. Every Chakra resonates with different crystals. In our Chakra crystal kit, there are 7 crystals that associate with each of the Chakras. 


Remove blockages and negative energy by selecting the crystal that resonates with the Chakra that needs healing. There are a few ways you can use your crystals for Chakra healing.


This includes meditating with your crystals. Place your chosen crystal in your hand or place on your body in the matching position of the Chakra. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and focus on your breath.


When you're feeling relaxed, imagine the colour of the healing stone doing its work, opening and cleansing each Chakra. If you have a certain block, visualise the outcome you would like to achieve by cleansing the Chakra.


Our Chakra crystal kit comes with helpful information on what crystals are associated with each Chakra, where each Chakra is located and what each Chakra is.

Chakra Crystal Set

  • The Crown Chakra: Clear Quartz OR Amethyst
    The Third Eye Chakra: Amethyst, Iolite OR Blue Chalcedony
    The Throat Chakra: Sodalite, Angelite OR Lapis Lazuli
    The Heart Chakra: Green Aventurine, Jade OR Malachite
    The Solar Plexus Chakra: Citrine OR Yellow Jasper
    The Sacral Chakra: Carnelian, Sunstone OR Tigers Eye
    The Root Chakra: Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz OR Hematite

    • 7 gemstones (2cm - 3cm)
    • A colourful card outlining what each Chakra is, where it is located and what crystals are associated with it
    • A stars and moon organza bag to keep your crystals safe


    * Crystals should not be a substitute for seeking professional medical advice. Always consult a doctor if you have any health concerns.

    * Not suitable for small children due to choking hazard.

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