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Bring courage and vitality into your life with our Seed of Life crystal grid set for confidence.


Our crystal grid boards are hand-sewn and made with loving energy. They are made from top-quality felt and are embellished with gems and hand-sewn stars to look like the magical night sky.


Crystal grids are believed to make your manifestations stronger. The power of the crystals are enhanced by placing them in a geometric pattern.


Combining the energies of crystals, sacred geometry and your intentions, you can manifest your dreams faster with a crystal grid.


The confidence crystal grid set includes Tigers Eye and Carnelian to help bring courage, confidence, creativity, strength, leadership, and empowerment into your life.

Confidence Crystal Grid Set

    • 1x Hand-sewn felt crystal Seed of Life grid (25cm)
    • 1x Clear Quartz gemstone
    •  6x Tigers Eye gemstones
    •  6x Carnelian gemstones
    • Information card outlining each crystal's properties
    • Information on how to cleanse your crystals, how to create a crystal grid and where to place the crystals on your grid
  • Tigers Eye for willpower, courage and protection.

    Carnelian for confidence, empowerment and physical vitality.

    Clear Quartz for clarity, healing and manifestation.


    * Crystals should not be a substitute for seeking professional medical advice. Always consult a doctor if you have any health concerns.

    * Not suitable for small children due to choking hazard.

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