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Citrine Crystal Meaning, Properties And Manifesting With Citrine

What Does Citrine Look Like?

Citrine is a transparent yellow quartz. The colours of this crystal range from pale to golden yellow, honey and brown. Citrine gets its name from the French word citron, which means lemon.

Everything You Need To Know: Citrine Properties

Citrine is known as both the merchant's stone and the stone of success. It's the key to all forms of abundance financially, personally and professionally. Citrine can help you to manifest abundance and wealth in your career or business and can also help you to attract success. Citrine gets rid of negative energies in your life and brings you the peace and quiet that you need. With Citrine, your thoughts and emotions will be clearer, and you'll get a better idea of what to do to drive the negativity away. If you're stressed, Citrine can realign your energies back into balance. If you're struggling with self-confidence or self-worth, Citrine can give you the positive boost you need. Some other properties of Citrine include assisting in treating diseases linked to kidneys, the urinary tract and the digestive system, bringing enjoyment to life, generosity, happiness, and spiritual growth.

How To Use Citrine

Manifestation: As the stone of success, Citrine is a great stone to use when manifesting. Citrine is a powerful magnet for money and prosperity, and it can help you manifest anything and everything you want; love, wealth, health or a new home. Hold the Citrine crystal in your hand and repeat your affirmations several times daily. Carry: Citrine is a good stone to pop in your pocket or bag as it will bring and attract luck, success, and positivity all day long. Try it out and reap the amazing benefits! Discover more ways to use your crystals here.

Citrine Facts

#1 Citrine is the November birthstone. #2 Most Citrines are, in fact, heat-treated amethyst. #3 In the middle ages, Citrine developed a new name, the "merchant stone". This is because it is believed to attract prosperity and success. According to beliefs over hundreds of years, putting Citrine in your purse will help you attract and maintain wealth.



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