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Tigers Eye Crystal Meaning, Properties And Manifesting With Tigers Eye

What Does Tigers Eye Look Like?

Tigers Eye is a very beautiful stone and does indeed look like a tiger's eye. There are red, gold and blue varieties. Tigers Eye has black stripes making it look very tiger-like.

Everything You Need To Know: Tigers Eye Properties

Tigers Eye is known as a shapeshifter and builds up courage and strength. It also attracts wealth. With Tigers Eye, you'll have the courage to go for new opportunities when they arise rather than holding back. If you fear the unknown, you'll feel strong and powerful with Tigers Eye. Tigers Eye supports you in becoming the best version of you that you can be and gives you the motivation and confidence you need to succeed. Tigers Eye has many mighty healing properties that promote bravery and living boldly and fiercely. Tigers Eye gives you the push you need to take risks and will help you overcome fears you may have. As a grounding stone, Tigers Eye also helps balance your emotions and will turn a negative mindset into a positive one. When you're facing difficult challenges or uncertainties, Tigers Eye can shift your perspective, so you feel less fear and have more courage. Toxic feelings will also be dispelled. Tigers Eye is also a great stone for attracting wealth. It's a powerful crystal for overcoming money blocks, and it challenges you to succeed and reach your financial goals.

How To Use Tigers Eye

Carry: Put your Tigers Eye crystal in your pocket or purse to feel its strong energy all day. Tigers Eye will be there when you need courage or a confidence boost. Manifestation: Tigers Eye is great for manifesting courage and wealth. Some intentions you can use are "I am strong and determined" or "I am successful, wealthy and powerful". Place: Tigers Eye is a good crystal to put on your desk to help you have the courage you need to reach your goals.

Tigers Eye Facts

#1 Soldiers used to wear Tigers Eye when they went to battle as they believed it brought them strength and protection. #2 Ancient Egyptians believed that the orange and gold colours in Tigers Eye represented rays of sun that were trapped inside. #3 The Ancient Chinese civilisation believed that Tigers Eye would bring good fortune to those who wore it.



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